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Shahin is a Data Scientist with Software Engineering skills that have been honed over two decades. He has experience in both industry and academia, where he's demonstrated innovation and leadership.

He has authored many books and peer-reviewed publications on the subjects of Data Science, Visualisation, and Evolutionary Computation. He is the founder of (an API) and (an app), both of which enable the creation of engaging interactive visualisations that have been used in publications by academia, government, and industry.

Dr. Shahin Rostami



PlotAPI, beautiful by default.

Let PlotAPI do the heavy lifting – enabling beautiful interactive visualisations with a single line of code (instead of hundreds).

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PlotAPI Data Wrangling

PlotAPI Pareto Front

PlotAPI Line Fight

PlotAPI Pie Fight

PlotAPI Bar Fight

PlotAPI Terminus

PlotAPI Sankey

PlotAPI Chord

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