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A practical book on visualisation with D3.js that shows you how to create visualisations from the ground up that are engaging and beautiful.

  • Available for Early Access during active development,
  • New Section added regularly during early access,
  • Discounted Price that will grow as the book does,
  • Code examples primarily in JavaScript,
  • Full Code Listings for each Section,
  • Supplementary Video Tutorials,
  • Format: PDF download,
  • Unlimited downloads and access to updates.

Get it now to enhance your work in D3.js, Visualisation, and JavaScript.

About the author.

Dr. Shahin Rostami is a Senior Academic (Associate Professor) and Consultant in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, with applications in the areas of Healthcare and Defence.

As a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Programme Leader for many postgraduate programmes, he aims to contribute openly available learning resources through this website and his YouTube channel.

Dr. Rostami writes and maintains the works published and offered through this website. You can expect ongoing updates and support through the communication channels listed below.


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