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Theme Purple Please for Jupyter Lab


I put together this theme, theme-purple-please, for when I'm working with Python and Rust in Jupyter Lab. It currently supports Jupyter Lab 1 and 2.

Figure 1 - A Jupyter Notebook being edited within Jupyter Lab.
Theme from

You may have also seen it used in screenshots from the following books:

Installation through Jupyter Lab

You can install it through the Jupyter Lab Extension Manager UI, or with the following command:

jupyter labextension install @shahinrostami/theme-purple-please

GitHub Repository

You can navigate and download the source code at

npm Package

The theme comes as an npm package at, where you can check out usage statistics and dependencies.

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Plotapi, beautiful by default.

Let plotapi do the heavy lifting – enabling beautiful interactive visualisations with a single line of code (instead of hundreds).

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