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Sankey Node Alignment

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In [ ]:
from plotapi import Sankey

Sankey.set_license("your username", "your license key")


Plotapi Sankey supports different layouts using the specification of node alignment.

As we can see, we have set our license details in the preamble with Sankey.set_license().


Plotapi Sankey expects a list of dictionary items, these will define the flow between a source and a target.

In [ ]:
links = [
    {"source":"Group A", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 1000},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 300},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 2", "value": 600},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 3", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club A", "value": 700},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club B", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club C", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club B", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club C", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 3", "target":"Withdrawn", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Club A", "target":"The Most Amazing Prize", "value": 500},

We can add many source's and target's in any arrangement.


We can change how our nodes are arranged using the node_alignment parameter. It supports the following settings: left, right, justify, and center. Let's demonstrate these below.

Here we're using .show() which outputs to a Jupyter Notebook cell, however, we may want to output to an HTML file with .to_html() instead. More on the different output methods later!

Be sure to interact with the visualisation to see what the settings can do!

In [3]:
Sankey(links, link_numbers=False, node_alignment="right").show()
Plotapi - Sankey Diagram
In [4]:
Sankey(links, link_numbers=False, node_alignment="justify").show_png()
In [5]:
Sankey(links, link_numbers=False, node_alignment="center").show_png()
In [6]:
Sankey(links, link_numbers=False, node_alignment="left").show_png()