The following is a selection of supervisions at all levels by Dr. Shahin Rostami.

PhD Students (as Director of Studies)

Daniel Dimanov

Thesis: Multi-Objective Concealed Weapon Detection

Kevin Wilson

Thesis: Progressive Preference Articulation for Many-Objective Evolutionary Computation.

PhD Students (on supervisory team)

Mohammed Al Qurashi

Thesis: Intrusion Detection in IPv6-enabled Sensor Networks. Completed 14-May-2020.

Waqas Jamil

Thesis: Competitive Regression. Completed 27-March-2020.

Research Assistant

Saygun Guler

Project: Multi-Objective Neuroevolution for Non-Contact Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs. Completed 20-Nov-2020.

Master's Students

Marcia Saul

Project: Towards Responsible AI: The Practice of Artificial Neural Networks and Re-sampling Techniques in the Healthcare Industry

Daniel Dimanov

Project: Neuroevolution for Weapons Detectionin Digital Images

James Turner

Project: Blood pressure prediction through the utilisation of literature-based and unexplored rPPG features

Arjun Anil Kumar

Project: Hyper-parameter tuning on blood pressure data

Thi Pham

Project: Integrating collaborative filtering with sentiment analysis for enhanced recommendation systems

Undergraduate Students (selected)

William Knight

Project: Applying Machine Learning to non-contact pulse detection via Webcam

Kiril Gyaurski

Project: Analysis of the performance of different implementations of NSGA-II, GDE3, and MOEA/D-DRA, and development of a tool for comparison of the performance of evolutionary multi-objective optimisation algorithms

Rhys Stubbs

Project: An Investigation and Study of Neruoevolution In Comparison to Alternative Hyper-Parameter Optimisation Approaches Within A Browser-Based Environment

Louis Edbrooke

Project: Evaluating the use of machine learning to develop user-centric AI in video games

Daniel Dimanov

Project: Social media image analytics