Senior Academic in Data Science

Dr. Shahin Rostami is a Senior Academic (Associate Professor) and Principal Consultant in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, and Defence Systems. He is currently working with industry whilst on his sabbatical from his position at the Department of Computing and Informatics at the Bournemouth University, where he has been a faculty member since 2014.

Dr. Rostami holds a Ph.D. in the field of Computational Intelligence with applications to Concealed Weapon Detection. His research interests lie within Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, ranging from theory to their application to Digital Healthcare and Threat Detection. Currently, he is consulting for and supervising PhD research projects in Non-Contact Vital Sign Measurement and Multi-Objective Concealed Weapon Detection. He has published in many high-impact journals and conferences, and organised/chaired special sessions including the IEEE CIBCB 2017 "Machine Learning in Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis". He also leads the Computational Intelligence Research Initiative (CIRI), and currently supervises 5 Ph.D. and 3 Ms.c. students in related subjects.

Dr. Rostami has founded and held the position of Programme Leader for multiple programmes at the postgraduate level: MS.c. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI); MS.c. Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (DHAI); and MS.c. Applied Data Analytics (ADA). He has designed and taught both postgraduate and undergraduate curriculum, such as Search and Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Mining and Analytic Technologies. He is also committed to teaching Data Science and Computer Science to anyone, regardless of their educational background, e.g. his public videos on YouTube.